Laws For Mini-Soccer

The Laws below are a guidance on the laws for mini-soccer. Please note that the Bedfordshire Mini-Soccer League provide the additional guidance:

Law 7

Duration of the Game

The BMSL encourage periods of play that are split into equal quarters i.e. 10 minutes for 5v5 and 12½ minutes for 7v7.

The quarter-time interval must not exceed 5 minutes. This time should be used to organise substitutions and coaching.

Law 15


U7 and U8 children are permitted to roll the ball underarm with one or both hands into the field of play.

Law 16

Goal Kick

Opponents must retreat to their own half until the ball is in play. The defending team does not have to wait for the opposition to retreat and has the option to restart the game before should they choose to.
The ball is in play when it is kicked directly out the penalty area.

5v5 - Under 7 & Under 87v7 - Under 9 & Under 10