Season 2020-2021 and Covid-19

There is no doubt that we are living through unprecedented times. Grass roots football has been placed on hold as the Government deals with the pandemic meaning that there are probably more questions than answers for the time being. The following FAQs will hopefully give you some answers to questions you might have about the new season.

What should I do to get ready for the new season?

The FA’s work in recent years on the WHOLE GAME SYSTEM (WGS), and its integration with FULL-TIME means that as a League we no longer need you to go through the laborious task of submitting a BMSL application form.

All we need you to do is submit an Indication of Interest Form for the coming season and affiliate your Club and your teams with your County Football Association through the WGS.

When adding your teams to the Whole Game System, please make sure that you add at least one of the following roles for each team:

  • Manager
  • Manager (asst)
  • Team Secretary

EnsureĀ  that the email address (personal) and mobile phone number are correct and up to date as these will be used to:

  1. Create an account for each Team Administrator on the BMSL website.
  2. Provide regular updates, including new and updated fixtures, from Full-Time.
  3. Allow submission of results by text to Full-Time.

Note that you will not be able to assign the Manager or Manager (asst) role unless the person being assigned has a valid CRC.

How much will it cost to enter a team?

We completely understand that the current situation has put a tremendous strain on the finances of Clubs and their members. Given the curtailment of the 2019-2020 season and the possible delay to the next, we have decided that we will not be charging clubs an entrance fee for the 2020-2021 season.

When will the AGM be held?

Normally we would be meeting for the AGM in late June. This, however, was impossible given the need for social distancing. We will continue to monitor the Government’s and the FA’s advice on social gatherings. In the meantime, we will explore the option of holding a virtual AGM on-line, and should this prove possible, we will communicate the date and time in due course.

When will the 2020-2021 season start?

The honest answer is we do not know! The start date will be influenced the Government’s plan to exit the current controls and The FA’s response to those plans. Once we have the go-ahead to resume organised football we will look to get things started as soon as can be arranged.

In order to ensure a quick transition once we are given the green light, there are things that you can do to help us be as prepared as possible.