What is Fairplay?

We will do our very best to give you the most competitive fixtures we can. By that we mean we will pair you with teams of similar ability where both teams will need to play at their very best in order to win. Sometimes we get this wrong or other circumstances mean that one team may not be performing at its best.

Fairplay is about recognising that the teams are not fairly matched and instead of pressing on regardless until the final whistle with a game that is not benefiting the development of either team, both team’s coaching staff look at ways to change the game so that both teams continue to benefit from the experience.

It does not mean that one team should add players or the other should take players off in the hope that this will even up the teams. It requires creative thinking by both sets of coaches working together to come up with training ground routines that can be inserted into the game to add new challenges so that both teams can develop their skills at the appropriate level.

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