SMS Result Texts

Full-Time includes the option to allow team administrators to send in scorelines via SMS Text Message. Full-time allows two mobile numbers to be registered for each team. This is generally the Team Manager or maybe a Team Secretary or possibly the Club Secretary.

In order to register a number with Full-Time the team administrators need to be given a Team Manager or Team Secretary role in WGS. It is important that team administrators who wish to use this service make sure that they have their current mobile number on their FA account in WGS.

At the start of the season, we will assign all Team Managers that have a mobile number the service automatically. If you need an additional team administrator assigned to the service or you are not receiving your result text from Full-Time please contact

How it Works

During each game, Full-Time will send an SMS Text Message to each registered mobile number, reminding you to send in the result of the game. After the game, both home and away team administrators should report the score by replying to their message using the word RESULT (followed by a space) and giving the score for the game, home team first, away team second, and separated by a hyphen.

For example you receive

FULL-TIME @TheFA 0125 v 0205 K.O. SUN 16 SEP 2018 10:30. Submit your result after the match as: RESULT H-A

To report a 2-1 home win, you reply


The only exception is if you are registered to send in results for more than one team, in which case Full-Time will include a team code (for the BMSL this will be a 4-digit numerical code), which you need to add after the result so that Full-Time can identify which team is being reported.

In the above example you would receive

FULL-TIME @TheFA 0125 v 0205 K.O. SUN 16 SEP 2018 10:30. Submit your result after the match as: RESULT H-A 0125

And you would reply with your team code (in this example 0125)

RESULT 2-1 0125

It is important to note that you should not add other information and that the text must begin with the word RESULT otherwise Full-Time will ignore it. The text must be sent from one of the registered mobiles as Full-Time identifies you by the mobile number it has been given.

Full-Time allows you to report postponements (RESULT P-P) and abandonments (RESULT A-A).

Hints & Tips

If you are having problems with sending in results, please check the following:

  • If your score is not updating on Full-Time, resend your text and make sure your message starts with RESULT
  • If Full-Time asks for a team code, make sure it’s included and make sure it is the correct one
  • If the score is the wrong way around, resend your text making sure you give the home team as on the Full-Time website score first, away score second
  • If a fixture is incorrect on Full-Time, tell us ( the game is played
  • If your score on Full-Time is not what you sent on your text, contact the opposition's team administrator and agree the score that you are both submitting
  • If you are not getting a text from Full-Time, make sure you have the correct mobile number set-up on your WGS FA Account

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