When is a Contest not a Contest?

Regardless of whether results or league tables are published, every match starts out as a competitive encounter between two sets of young players and will remain so, as long as it remains a meaningful contest between the two sides. When one team totally dominates, the contest is over and the game by definition ceases to be competitive.

That is why the BMSL look to match teams of similar ability. The Fairplay divisions are competition ladders where teams are grouped with the aim to make every game a true contest. Fixtures are published covering a 6-7 week period and at the end of this period each team’s performance is assessed and, depending on the results of the assessments, teams are reassigned their place in the ladder and a new set of fixtures are created. By adopting this approach, we hope to ensure t犀利士
hat every team finds a level at where they can be truly competitive.

However, we cannot get this right all the time and sometimes a fixture will very quickly prove to be a mismatch. When this happens it is the responsibility of coaches to take action to make the experience one that benefits all those taking part.

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