Who benefits from a Mismatch?

The answer to this is quite simply; No-one.

It is plainly obvious that a team being beaten 10-0 is not benefiting from the experience. In fact it is fair to say that every time a team gets beaten in such a way, we move one step closer to losing a young player from football.

We all know that young players develop and grow at different speeds. Losing a player now through disillusionment only deprives us from potentially finding the next great player. It is therefore everyone’s responsibility to make sure that our young people enjoy their football and never leave the game for the wrong reasons.

A mismatch not only affects those on the wrong end of a big score. There could be any number of reasons for a mismatch but one thing is certain; any team or any player finding it too easy to score is learning nothing and may even be reinforcing bad habits.

When a fixture becomes a mismatch it seems logical to stop the game and go home. However we would maintain that this is the wrong thing to do. Instead we would challenge both sets of coaches to come up with imaginative solutions to the problem that allow the players to continue their game while making it enjoyable and beneficial for all.

Posted in Fairplay.